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"In Heaven" My 2017 Gift to Our Supporters
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"In Heaven"
Created on the Feast Days of



Saint Agnes De -07/12/2017                                               

Saint Henry- 07/13/2017


Saint Kateri Tekakwitha- 0714/2017
Saint Bonaventure- 07/15/2017 

A Heavenly Perspective of the Full Time Duties, Joy, Service and Adventure from Above.


What would it be like to be with God and spend an eternity in Heaven?

A question pondered since the inception of creation and His rest on day seven.


In Heaven you're never tired or lethargic and you never need any sleep.

In Heaven you're with the Shepherd and you're no longer His lost sheep.

In Heaven there aren’t ever any wars, treason, traitors, espionage or spies

In Heaven all your prayers, desires, hopes, wishes and dreams are finally realized.


In Heaven there's no arguing, no upsets, marches or protests.

In Heaven you're completely at ease, relaxed and finally at rest.

In Heaven you're no longer subject to evil, wicked, demon attacks.

In Heaven nothing peaceful, loving or graceful will you ever lack. 


In Heaven you'll never be restless or have to wake up early to the sound of an alarm.

In Heaven you'll guard and protect mankind from sickness, accidents, and harm.

In Heaven there are no prizes, trophies, ribbons, cups, or medals for the winners.

In Heaven you’ll live amongst redeemed, repentant, absolved, and forgiven sinners.


In Heaven you do not need to curl, fix your hair, or ever paint your face.

In Heaven you'll serve the Heavenly Father by filling the world with grace.

In Heaven there are helpers for earthy battles His children doth trod.

In Heaven you’re surrounded by unconquerable Holy Angels of God.


In Heaven God, Holy Angels, Saints and Martyrs don't care if your skin was brown, black or white.

In Heaven you'll become endless, magnificent, loving, effervescent, flowing, resplendent, glorious, energy and light. 







In Heaven there's no struggle for social, economic or political leadership and power.

In Heaven it is always His loving, calm, peaceful, joyous and Miraculous Holy Hour.  



In Heaven you’ll never burn, decay, decompose, wither or die.

In Heaven Angels, Saints and Martyrs will frequently pass by.

In Heaven you will never weep, cry, or wail when you have reached a point of sadness.

In Heaven you’ll help others keep calm, carry on and not descend into madness


In Heaven you’ll no longer feel any worries, loss, tribulations or strife.

In Heaven you’ll become mankind's slow, deep, long, breath of life.

In Heaven everyone mind’s their own business and there’s never gossip or slander.

In Heaven you’ll frequently catch a glimpse of Christ’s Holy everlasting grandeur.


In Heaven you're with everyone you love and have loved all at the same time.

In Heaven LOVE has reached its peak, ultimate agape and it's truly sublime.

In Heaven there are no profane or crude words, deeds, hate, disgrace or sin.

In Heaven God's children are called to heal the world again, again, and again.


In Heaven there are no injections, hospitals, pills, surgeries or x-rays.

In Heaven everyone constantly, continually and dutifully prays

In Heaven there are no crutches, broken bones, wheelchairs or scars.

In Heaven you will be amongst God’s bright, named and numbered stars


In Heaven you’re never sick, exhausted, tired, cranky or frustrated

In Heaven you’re always filled with joy, hope, LOVE and completely elated

In Heaven there aren’t banks, investments, credit scores or cards, or any net worth.

In Heaven you will rejoice at LIFE’s inception and a glorious new birth.


In Heaven there are no treasury notes, stocks, bonds, lawsuits or arbitrations.

In Heaven you’ll visit God’s children as they sit silently in prayer and Adoration.

In Heaven there are no conferences, seminars, con artists, fraud or greedy “Get Rich Quick” schemes.

In Heaven you will save bodies, minds, hearts, spirits and souls on earth as the usual routine. 


In Heaven your Miraculous journey has evolved, flowered and begun.

In Heaven you’ll be reunited with His beloved, righteous, Blessed Son.

In Heaven you no longer have to color your hair to hide your gray.

In Heaven you are calm, relaxed and at peace every single day.


In Heaven you’ll no longer need your eyes to glance, look and see.

In Heaven you’ll soar high above, float and fly effortlessly.

In Heaven you no longer worry about the little things and frustrations that annoy.

In Heaven you’ll have become delightful, complete, absolute, perfect, eternal joy.


In Heaven there is no grudge, concern, sadness, worry or rejection.

In Heaven the Father's LOVE is revealed completely in all its perfection.

In Heaven there are no schools, projects, quizzes, exams or standardized tests.

In Heaven your spirit and soul are always fulfilled and completely at rest.


In Heaven there is no Illness, cancer or incurable disease.

In Heaven you’ll infinitely help others effortlessly with ease.

In Heaven your heart will never have an attack or skip a beat.

In Heaven you’ll joyously serve those living on earthly streets.



In Heaven your earthly knowledge acquired is no longer in need.

In Heaven you're now wisdom and heal the world from frequent greed.

In Heaven you’ll visit earth as a cool breeze, smile, soft kiss, and a hug.

In Heaven you’ll rejoice when a child is curious and gentle with a bug.


In Heaven there is no regret, back stabbing, debtors, misfortune or shame.

In Heaven all are loved wholly, completely and equally the same.

In Heaven there are no addictions and nothing that is craved.

In Heaven rejoice and enjoy the awe knowing you've been Saved.


In Heaven there are no scores or losers and no one ever plays any games.

In Heaven everyone is cherished, admired and adored all just the same.

In Heaven you’ll no longer have to think about your diet or what you need to eat.

In Heaven your focus is always to protect those who are living on the streets.


In Heaven there is no road rage, arguing, resentment or chaos,

In Heaven you’ll feel no depression, grief, sadness, agony or loss.

In Heaven you serve anywhere, anytime and anyplace.

In Heaven you receive the gift to gaze upon Christ’s face.


In Heaven there are no graduations, homework, cooking, yard work or chores.

In Heaven there are no video games or entertainment, but you'll never be bored.

In Heaven you're no longer sad about calories and extra pounds.

In Heaven your love, care and tenderness for all of mankind abounds.


In Heaven you’ll never feel the even slightest amount of pain.

In Heaven you are perfect, completely renewed and never lame.

In Heaven you’re like a fluffy, white cloud on a scathing hot day.

In Heaven you're there for all of God's children, just a prayer away.


In Heaven there are no allergies, to peanuts, wheat or dairy.

In Heaven you will be with the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

In Heaven there are no infidelities, divorces or families torn apart.

In Heaven you’ll mend broken hearts and dreams while helping others make a fresh new start.


In Heaven nothing gets destroyed by water, earth, air or fire.

In Heaven the Sacred Heart of Jesus will always inspire.

In Heaven there aren’t any advertisements, newspapers, books, periodicals, or magazines.

In Heaven you’ll encourage people to be gentle and kind and not bully others or be mean.


In Heaven you are no longer worried about money, social status or class.

In Heaven you are the Miracle that occurs daily and weekly in the Mass.

In Heaven you’ll always pray, comfort and care for God’s children who are locked up in jails and prisons.

In Heaven you’re part of the Heavenly, Miraculous, Glorious, and Beatific Vision.


In Heaven you will be never be kidnapped, enslaved, hurt, maimed, tortured, harmed, or destroyed.

In Heaven you are endless, immeasurable, ethereal, and eternal joy.

In Heaven no harm will ever come to a pure, sweet, innocent child.

In Heaven every spirit and soul is meek, loving tender and mild.


In Heaven you'll always focus on spreading pure, kind and true unconditional LOVE.

In Heaven you'll spend eternity with Jesus the Holy Spirit and God the Father above.

In Heaven you'll never be lost, confused, perplexed, be afraid or ever feel alone.

In Heaven your voice will sing praises in the most beautiful breathtaking tone.


In Heaven you’ll reside with all God's Martyrs, Angels and Saints.

In Heaven unconditional LOVE has no barriers or restraints.

In Heaven you are a soldier of an unusual different type.

In Heaven you’ll save souls on earth from the evil one's hype.


In Heaven there are no judges, juries, judgements, injustices or convictions.

In Heaven you’ll always make an appearance at many Holy Benedictions.

In Heaven there are no labels for people with disorders of one kind or another.

In Heaven you will serve the Name of all names with your Heavenly sisters and your brothers.


In Heaven there are no handbags, wallets, shoes or cell phones.

In Heaven you’re surrounded by family and you’re never alone.

In Heaven there are no fines, traffic tickets, bankruptcies, or bills

In Heaven LOVE thy Neighbor and thy enemy is completely fulfilled


In Heaven there are no terrorists, child molesters, mass shootings, serial killers or drug deals.

In Heaven the joyous arrival of God’s children make Angels’ trumpets sound and Holy bells peal

In Heaven everyone’s always honest, tells the truth and no one is a liar.

In Heaven you’ll feel the warmth of the Holy Spirit’s fire.


In Heaven there are no cigars, cigarettes, drugs, weapons or alcohol

In Heaven you will perform many Miracles and answer to God’s call.

In Heaven you'll feel, but you won't see, taste, smell or hear.

In Heaven an Angel, Saint or Martyr will frequently appear.


In Heaven there's never any graffiti, never any vandalism or trash.

In Heaven there is safe lodging, a Holy rest and soulful peace at last.

In Heaven there are no sapphires, emeralds, rubies, diamonds or pearls.

In Heaven "Thy Will Be done on Earth" secrets are revealed and unfurl.


In Heaven there aren’t hamburgers, milk shakes, sushi, burritos, pizzas, falafels or fries.

In Heaven you are always completely, absolutely and wholeheartedly energized.

In Heaven there are never knives, bows or arrows, and no one ever draws a weapon or sword

In Heaven you’re with the “Font of Holiness”, the only “Truth” and “The Anointed One”, Christ the Lord


In Heaven there's no food therefore you will always be on a fast.

In Heaven you'll help others every day and always have a blast.

In Heaven there are no limousines, jets, helicopters or yachts.

In Heaven everything's priceless, not for sale and can't be bought.


In Heaven there are no t-shirts, sneakers, hoodies or designer jeans.

In Heaven spirits are gentle, kind, loving and they're never mean.

In Heaven there aren't any tuxedos and no one ever wears expensive gowns.

In Heaven you'll answer prayers, creating smiles where once there were frowns.


In Heaven you'll assist those who are kind to earthly flora and its fauna.

In Heaven you're with the Holy Family and the actual Blessed Madonna

In Heaven there are no tsunamis, hurricanes, tornadoes, or earthquakes.

In Heaven you're needed throughout the world and you're always awake.


In Heaven there are no wheelchairs, shots, x-rays, surgeries or operations.

In Heaven you've reached your ultimate, final and eternal destination.

In Heaven there's never any foolishness, sloth, wrath, hubris, or despair.

In Heaven you’ll never have worry about baldness or how you’ll wear your hair.


In Heaven you'll travel with lightening precision power and speed.

In Heaven you'll serve and help others throughout the world in need.

In Heaven there are no mirrors and you’ll never catch your reflection.

In Heaven there is only endless LOVE, beauty, grace and perfection.


In Heaven you’ll never smell anything putrid, disgusting, or foul with your nose.

In Heaven you’ll guide others to give selflessly to those who need food, shoes and clothes.

In Heaven there's no jealousy, gluttony, avarice, envy, idolatry, or lust.

In Heaven the vision’s “Thy Kingdom Come” and motto’s always "In God We Trust."


In Heaven you'll never wear tattoos, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, or rings.

In Heaven you'll help save emaciated, desperate and starving human beings.

In Heaven there won't be any copper, silver, platinum, or gold.

In Heaven you'll always feel young and you'll never feel old.


In Heaven you'll visit earth as the boisterous laughter of a child.

In Heaven you'll pray that all God's children become meeker and more mild.

In Heaven you'll always be warm and comfortable and you'll never feel cold.

In Heaven you’ll never feel weird, strange, shy or awkward and you'll always be BOLD.


In Heaven there's no destruction, deceit, drama, vindictiveness, or doom.

In Heaven the "Fruits of the Spirit" and its Seven Gifts are always in bloom.

In Heaven your earthly appearance is a rainbow from God's prism of white light.

In Heaven you'll gladly serve God all day long and all throughout the night.


In Heaven there are no cruel and evil dictators, communists, oligarchies,

republics or democracies.

In Heaven you'll rejoice when earthly beings are courteous and say,

"Thank you, you're welcome, bless you and yes please."

In Heaven there are no exotic dancers, pimps, or prostitutes and there's

no sexual exploitation, slavery or porn.

In Heaven you’ll be near souls and spirits that are mystical, transcendent and divinely reborn.


In Heaven there is no hate crime, destruction, terrorism or fear.

In Heaven Angels, Saints and Martyrs reside and they're always near.

In Heaven there's no resentment, bitterness, fury, anger, shouting, reviling or malice.

In Heaven the Immaculate Queen and King of Kings reside in their Heavenly palace.


In Heaven there's no candy, cookies, brownies, ice cream or cake to eat.

In Heaven it's most important to comfort those dying on the streets.

In Heaven you'll comfort children starving from death and malnutrition.

In Heaven the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit are always there in fruition.


In Heaven there are no dollars, yen, rupees, yuan, dinar, francs, shekels, pounds, pesos, or euros.

In Heaven you’ll be surrounded by many noble, courageous, brave and valiant war heroes.

In Heaven there are no child abductions, missing people or runaways in desperate situations.

In Heaven you’ll be with “The Lord of Hosts”, “The Bread of Life”, and “The Sure Foundation.”






In Heaven you'll never travel by boats, trains, buses, planes or cars.

In Heaven you're surrounded by bright, sparkling, shooting stars.

In Heaven there are no clocks, watches or any time zones.

In Heaven there are no wounds, scars or any broken bones.


In Heaven there are no museums, casinos, amusement parks or shopping malls.

In Heaven you’ll move swiftly to comfort others when your Lord and Savior calls.

In Heaven there are no hedge funds, brokers, insider trading, or pyramid schemes.

In Heaven you’ll arrive to protect those in dangerous or unfortunate accident scenes.


In Heaven you’ll never hear a scary, frightening, dangerous or fearful sound.

In Heaven you’re joined with Saints, Angels and Martyrs and Miracles abound.

In Heaven there are no bodily dysfunctions of any kind or any hot flashes.

In Heaven there's desire to deliver mankind from evil and save the masses.


In Heaven you’ll rejoice when His children perform great noble deeds.

In Heaven every prayer you’ll answer is like water for a seed.

In Heaven there aren’t any dinners, breakfasts, lunches, or snacks.

In Heaven you’ll protect and comfort those who have been attacked.


In Heaven there are no accidents and no one is at fault.

In Heaven there aren’t any crimes, murders, thefts, rapes, or assaults.

In Heaven you’ll serve Jesus Christ for the good of all mankind.

In Heaven you’ll have reached the summit and achieved the sublime.


In Heaven there aren't bathrooms, bedrooms or kitchens needing to be cleaned.

In Heaven you'll visit your loved ones with happy memories whilst they dream.

In Heaven there are no trees to be trimmed, weeds to be pulled or lawns to be mown.

In Heaven the spirit and soul have finally come full circle and rest in their eternal home.



In Heaven it's better than anything you could ever imagine on earth.

In Heaven you're with loved ones who lived before and after your birth.

In Heaven you'll realize that you have honored and served God well.

In Heaven you’ll have zeal to save souls in danger of ending up in hell.


 In Heaven …..


If Hell is the complete opposite of Heaven, Heaven is an obvious choice.

For eternity wouldn't you rather feel the glorious sound of an Angel's voice?

Based on the quatrains above why would anyone ever desire hell?

Do you think it's time to pray to God NOW and sit in silence for a spell?


Go NOW, to a quiet peaceful place and thank God for all of your blessings and His immeasurable sacrifice.

Thank Him for His Miracles, protection, conquering death and giving you the gift of eternal life.


While you reside on earth and await your ultimate gift from above,

always remember while you are there to sow faith, hope and love.

If you are tired of the earthly daily struggles of sin, hate and strife,

decide NOW that you want to live a more loving, content and peaceful life.


Is it possible to make earth more like Heaven, the place of your eternal rest?

Yes, honor God, be kind, act selflessly, LOVE others and always do your best.

Trust, have faith pray and contemplate the things that Heaven is and Heaven is not.

Practice your future service to God NOW and strive for Heavenly perfection in your spot.


If you thought Heaven was a place where you would vacation, relax, rest and chill,

sorry to disappoint you, God's Heavenly children are there to protect, serve, and heal.

As His Heavenly children you'll go safely into the most dangerous places and scenes.

You'll do whatever it takes, your utmost to save lives and protect human beings.


Given that you realize there will be many Heavenly duties in the future for you to perform.

Why not try practicing these duties frequently on earth before you begin your eternal sojourn.

Always remember as you serve those on earth with His faith, hope and love,

God and His team of Angels Saints and Martyrs will be rejoicing from above.


In Heaven you'll frequently perform amazing, astonishing and breathtaking Miraculous deeds.

In Heaven the goal is to save souls and God, His Angels, Saints and Martyrs are there to help you succeed.

At this point you've probably realized right now that In Heaven you're always be busy and you'll never be retired.

But, you'll never want the alternative, you'll always LOVE your boss and the great news is that you'll never get fired.


Given He saved you from death, redeemed your soul and sacrificed everything for you upon His cross .

The least you can do are the future Heavenly duties you'll perform for Him freely at no cost.

If we truly LOVED each other and thought about acting more Heavenly on earth with this situation and possibly with that.

Our temporary destination would quickly become more loving, caring, pleasant, and peaceful at the drop of a hat.


Just "Remember" When you are sad and grieving that your colleagues, acquaintances, friends and loved ones no longer walk upon earth's land,

Rejoice and give praise to God, because they're protecting, serving, healing, and answering prayers with their Beloved Father, the Great I Am.


What benefits God's Kingdom more, if Heaven is a place where service, protection and healing of His children ends, or if Heaven is where service, protection and healing of His children continually begins?


Think about it, when you pray, who is it that has answered your prayers?

How many times in your life have you felt the presence of God?


When your journey is over and you end up In Heaven, do you think God will expect anything less from you?

This Holy Prose is now completed, May God Bless you as you serve Him like He’s always desired you to do.





Dear Friends and Families of Heaven’s Miraculous Angelic Giving Inspirational Child, Inc.,


Death and missing a loved one is something that creates the most sorrowful experience on earth. Some of our loved ones go quickly and we are filled with shock. Some of our loved ones slowly deteriorate before our eyes and were are relieved that they are no longer in pain. Some of our loved ones go young, some of them go when they are older and some of them actually become consumed with despair and end up taking their own lives. Either way, death of our loved ones is one of the most challenging things to deal with during our lifetime. As His Healing Minister I was blessed to write this poem, I’m writing it with the desire to help heal some of that pain. It is my hope that although you miss your loved ones, with this gift of Holy prose you will rejoice in the fact that our loved ones are doing something we are all destined to do and that you will realize that although they no longer walk the earth, our loved ones are still always with us in many different ways. May these glimpses of “In Heaven” encourage you to practice your future eternal duties and create a more Heavenly world to live in before you arrive at your final destination.




Thank you for your continual prayers to help Heaven's Miraculous Angelic Giving Inspirational Child, Inc. create Service-Learning throughout the world 0:)


May God Bless you and yours 0:)


Believe in Miracles 0:)


Laura Ann Osterman

Elementary Educator

His Healing Minister and

President and Founder

Heaven’s Miraculous Angelic Giving Inspirational Child, Inc.




If you enjoyed this gift of Heavenly prose filled with LOVE,

please give all gratitude and glory to God the Father, Jesus Christ His Son, the Holy Spirit, His Holy Angels, Saints and Martyrs 0:)




       I would especially like to thank God the Father, Jesus, Mary and Joseph, the Holy Spirit and all of the Holy Angels, Saints and Martyrs in Heaven for my gift of poetry. I would also like to thank my friends and family for all of their support and for tolerating my hermitage during the creation of "In Heaven".  I hope that "In Heaven" helps heal everyone's heart around the world, especially those of my friends and family. I also hope that it motivates people to practice their faith, future heavenly duties and service to God while they are on earth and make it a safer, loving, and peaceful place. "In Heaven" has a copyright so that it remains priceless, but you may share it with others throughout the world. 


Peace be with you 0:) 


#peopleofgrace #powerfulforceforGod 


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Update...December 19, 2008


For $7.50, Less than a movie, you can provide food for a starving child.



$0.25 cents a day provides two nourishing meals every day for a month to a child threatened by famine.

We endeavor to create a chapter that will support Doctor's Without Borders in the future.

At least this way, the next time you see a starving child, you can feel hopeful and not hopeless, and powerful instead of powerless.

Ideally, if everyone who owned a credit card did this, the problem probably would not exist.

And remember... Every time you sit down to eat a meal, figuratively speaking, there is a cute, smiling, child sitting across from single you, and/or you and your family enjoying your generosity.

Your family size has increased, and for those who dislike eating alone, figuratively speaking, you'll never eat alone!

Please share this message with your friends and family and pass it on!

Spread it like wildfire throughout the world!





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