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A Miraculous Prayer for the World-! The CURE for Corona Virus Lives in YOU!

A Miraculous Prayer for the World-! The CURE for Corona Virus Lives in YOU!
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To my Brothers and Sisters in Christ around the world. St. Philomena for the blood, St. Bernadine for the lungs, St. John of God for the heart. Healing happens from the outside inward. First, heal the soul from Confession and the Eucharist. Then, heal the spirit with Mass. If your heart and mind are healthy, your body will heal! Jesus, Mary, Joseph and ALL the Angels and Saints are your healers. TRUST GOD! Renounce the spirit of fear, worry, anxiety and doubt. He is truly RISEN, the Kingdom of God is near and at hand. In the name of Jesus Christ I COMMAND the spirit of earth, air, fire, water, the underworld and the netherworld to LEAVE This world! Be GONE with the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ. Mary Mother of God please comfort the people of the world and give your children in the world the courage to battle evil with prayer, fasting, repentance and Adoration. In Jesus Name we humbly pray, and ask for Mercy, Amen.❤️

Ai miei fratelli e sorelle in Cristo in Italia.  Santa Filomena per il sangue, Santa Bernadina per i polmoni, San Giovanni di Dio per il cuore.  La guarigione avviene dall'esterno verso l'interno.  Innanzitutto, guarisci l'anima dalla Confessione e dall'Eucaristia.  Quindi, guarisci lo spirito con la Messa. Se il tuo cuore e la tua mente sono sani, il tuo corpo guarirà!  Gesù, Maria, Giuseppe e TUTTI gli Angeli e i Santi sono i tuoi guaritori.  ABBI FEDE IN DIO!  Rinuncia allo spirito di paura, preoccupazione, ansia e dubbio.  È veramente Sorto, il Regno di Dio è vicino e a portata di mano.  Nel nome di Gesù Cristo, COMANDO lo spirito della terra, dell'aria, del fuoco, dell'acqua, degli inferi e degli inferi per LASCIARE l'Italia!  ESSERE ANDATI con il Preziosissimo Sangue di Gesù Cristo.  Maria Madre di Dio, per favore, conforta la gente del mondo e dai ai tuoi figli in Italia il coraggio di combattere il male con la preghiera, il digiuno, il pentimento e l'Adorazione.  Nel Nome di Gesù preghiamo umilmente e chiediamo misericordia, Amen ❤️

À mes frères et sœurs en Christ en France.  Sainte Philomène pour le sang, Sainte Bernadine pour les poumons, Saint Jean de Dieu pour le cœur.  La guérison se produit de l'extérieur vers l'intérieur.  Premièrement, guérissez l'âme de la confession et de l'eucharistie.  Ensuite, guérissez l'esprit avec la messe. Si votre cœur et votre esprit sont en bonne santé, votre corps guérira!  Jésus, Marie, Joseph et TOUS les anges et les saints sont vos guérisseurs.  FAIS CONFIANCE À DIEU!  Renoncez à l'esprit de peur, d'inquiétude, d'anxiété et de doute.  Il est vraiment ressuscité, le Royaume de Dieu est proche et proche.  Au nom de Jésus-Christ, JE COMMANDE l'esprit de la terre, de l'air, du feu, de l'eau, des enfers et des enfers pour QUITTER l'Italie!  ENTOUREZ du Précieux Sang de Jésus-Christ.  Marie Mère de Dieu, réconfortez les gens du monde et donnez à vos enfants en France le courage de combattre le mal par la prière, le jeûne, le repentir et l'adoration. Au Nom de Jésus, nous prions humblement et demandons miséricorde, Amen ❤️



His Healing Minister

Laura Ann Osterman

Founder and President

Heaven's Miraculous Angelic Giving Inspirational Child, Inc. 

Please consider creating Service-Learning Chapters in your communities for those of your loved ones who have been called home to God because of the Pandemic.





You have my permission to translate this prayer into your own language and share it with your friends and family!

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Update...December 19, 2008


For $7.50, Less than a movie, you can provide food for a starving child.



$0.25 cents a day provides two nourishing meals every day for a month to a child threatened by famine.

We endeavor to create a chapter that will support Doctor's Without Borders in the future.

At least this way, the next time you see a starving child, you can feel hopeful and not hopeless, and powerful instead of powerless.

Ideally, if everyone who owned a credit card did this, the problem probably would not exist.

And remember... Every time you sit down to eat a meal, figuratively speaking, there is a cute, smiling, child sitting across from single you, and/or you and your family enjoying your generosity.

Your family size has increased, and for those who dislike eating alone, figuratively speaking, you'll never eat alone!

Please share this message with your friends and family and pass it on!

Spread it like wildfire throughout the world!





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